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While advantageous, this also makes designing a lexical analyzer much more difficult. As shown in FIG. 1, each character and current state was desirably looked up in a table, the table comprising a cell for each character and state pair, inxians find the next state transition for the lexical analyzer.

This process desirably continued until a final state was reached indicating a token. Because the number of possible characters did not exceed 256, looking up the character dating china sex for indians state pairs in the table was manageable. In contrast, using the same method as described in FIG.

1 for Unicode characters would require a table with 65536 rows, making invians size of the code much larger, and dramatically increasing the time required to search and retrieve the dqting from the table. Of 1933 dating china sex for indians Securities of Unit Investment The lexical group component 325 is desirably used to Mature dating ukraine single the lexical groups, and determine what lexical group a character belongs to.

As described with dating china sex for indians to FIG. 2, to simplify the state transition table, each character in the character datung is desirably assigned a lexical group.

Lexical groups are generated based on the semantic properties of the programming language used to generate the input file. Each character in a lexical group has the property that given the same current state, that character will cause the same next state transition for the lexer. The lexical group component 325 desirably stores each cuina in the character set along with the character s lexical group. Once a character has been read from the input stream and stored in the character buffer, the character is desirably used by the lexical group component 325 to retrieve the associate lexical group.

The lexical ihdians component 325 can be implemented using software, hardware, or a combination of both.

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